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The philosophy of a company cannot be made of words only. The philosophy of a company is the pillar of all the choices that that company makes, in all its range of action. We believe in our values and our commitment stands in acting in compliance with them. This is the only way we will manage to achieve a final product that satisfies us and makes us proud as a company, as people, as a family.


Although evolving constantly, Famiglia Cotarella is grounded on some unchangeable tenets. Love for our roots, culture as constant exchange, constant research, curiosity, willingness to innovate and self-innovate. Passion for our work and the pleasure in listening and sharing. Without these values, we would not be who we are today nor would we be ready to face the future challenges.


Our passion for viticulture and the strong feeling of belonging to the territory of our origins have been driving us, for over thirty years, to enhancing our grape-growing heritage, according to a production philosophy centered on some key values.


We select the vineyards offering the ideal pedo-climatic conditions for the growth of our vines and we constantly study the terroir in Umbria and Latium to deeply understand its true potential.


From the growing vines phase to the winemaking we implement scientific methods and state-of-the art techniques as we believe that experimentation, innovation and oenological culture are instrumental to revitalizing the grape-growing traditions in our territory.


The constant travel between our roots and the future, the will to discover all the potential of our territories, creating wines that enhance their characteristics and peculiarities.