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Fattoria Tellus: rediscover values, surrounded by nature

09.09.2018 – Fattoria Tellus is a “magic” place where children can find their dimension and express their creativity. We are mothers and aunts, and this is the reason why we felt the deep necessity to create a place where adults and children could communicate each other using the five senses and rediscover the beauty and the joy of being together.

It was exactly last 9 th of September, during our traditional Harvest Event, that we had the pleasure to inaugurate Fattoria Tellus: a mission farm where children could learn to love nature, their roots and traditions, the seasonality of the products and different food culture, also sharing the beauty of
outdoor games and sports through the use of five senses.
To do the honors in the farm there is Enos Grandpa.
The sketch of ENOS GRANDPA, today mascot of the Farm, establishes the birth of the project.
Enos is a fantasy character (not too much after all) born to share wine experiences with people who love wine as him. The name is the abbreviation of the 4 cardinal directions and for each wine lover he is the North around which develop themed tasting to compare wines, vines, vintages,
territories, …
However, ENOS is also a grandpa, who encourages children curiosity by teaching them to love nature. But on the other side, children have to teach Enos the use of digital technologies, in a mutual given and taken.

Six are the values represented in Fattoria Tellus: FAMILY, TIME, PLACE, GAME, SPORT, and WELLNESS. These are the values of the life, the values to teach children, even the unprivileged one, the values to rediscover for adults. And they have in common another important value, higher and more important which is at the base of everything: RESPECT.

Fattoria Tellus becomes what Silvio Barbero, Vice President of Gastronomic Sciences University of Pollenzo, described as a “Community of Destiny”: a reality inside which many different institutions operates for a common goal.

The day was opened by the convention “#YouAreAForceOfNature”, moderated by Andrea Pancani, Vice Director of La7.
Goal: to put children at the center of the project MOTHER NATURE.
During the convention, many and very important topics were discussed, thanks to the presence of eminent people from the medical, pediatric, financial and educational world.
From the prevention of childhood pathologies caused by wrong diet and poor movement to the importance of playing outdoor and rediscover the seasonality of the products that nature can offer. But diet and sport are also instruments of confrontation and integration with other cultures as well
as a mean to fight bullying.
Moreover, we also dealt with other important topics like education and the political and agricultural commitment to propose the including of food education as curricular subject in school programs.
The financial sector as well showed its sensibility for the issues, introducing support instruments for the third sector.

On. Filippo Gallinella – President of XIII Commissione Agricoltura della Camera dei Deputati
Dominga Cotarella –Marketing and Sales Responsible for Famiglia Cotarella
Gelsomina Leone – Pediatrician USL2 Orvieto
Ruggero Parrotto – General Director of Bambin Gesù
Elisabetta Montesissa – Vice Director of Fondazione Campagna Amica
Manuela Trombetta – Responsable for Fair Play4U Project
Catia Sulpizi – President of Associazione Alimentando and ideator of the project ABC
Maurizio Gubbiotti – President of Romanatura, Regional Association for the Managing of Natural Areas in Rome
Pierluigi Monceri – Director of Intesa San Paolo for Lazio, Sardinia and Sicily Region
Silvio Barbero – Vice President of the Gastronomic Science University of Pollenzo

During the last few years, in order to promote Fattoria Tellus project, we have organized sensorial labs for children who realized some drawings using their imagination. Ten of those drawings were chosen to become the labels of our Tellus Syrah. Part of the proceeds of Tellus Syrah sales go to IRIS Fondation, which deals with women suffering from neoplastic diseases in the Gynecological
Oncology Department of Rome Policlinico A. Gemelli.
As in the occasion of the convention, we decided to give a 13.000 eur donation to Prof. Giovanni Scambia, co-founder of the association, together with Prof. Salvatore Mancuso.
In addition to medical therapy, IRIS deal with the psychological and relationship implications of women suffering from this disease. Thanks to the cooperation with different professional figures, the association provides psychological, social and health care to patients and their families, in the
view of a global support to the patient.

At the end of the convention, there was the ribbon-cutting at Fattoria Tellus, at the presence of authorities and Enos Grandpa followed by the beginning of the activities for children in cooperation with UISP and Orvietana Rugby: sensorial and culinary labs, painting, animals, outdoor games and
Together with the children, also Roberta Sanges, the roman artist who painted the historical Tellus label, was present.

“It is a place for families – says Dominga Cotarella – where every child could find his dimension and develop his physical and intellectual capacities thanks to the contact with the nature. Children are the main characters, through games, sports and most of all their creativity. In the nature, Enos
Grandpa will accompany children through a sensorial tour to the discovery of positive side of things and more importantly to the deepness and essence of life”.

The event was enriched by the important presence of Coldiretti and Campagna Amica, two associations which really live, work, protect and interpreter the ground with their skills, to daily offer us all that products which make great our territory and Italy.
The star of the day was a local product, the bean of purgatory, reinvented by Agrichef who served us exquisite seasonal recipes, some already known and others new so to discover new expressions of ancient products.

Fattoria Tellus opening time:
– from Monday to Friday: to schools
– Saturday and Sunday: to families
Laboratories from 9:00am to 12:00am.
At the end of the labs there will be a lunch with local products and km0.
Fattoria Tellus can be visited only upon reservation.

For info:
Tel. +39 0744 955609

All the activities are organized depending on the number of children and their age.

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