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Zalto glasses: a new concept glass

04.10.2018 – We are in Tulve, a little town in Val di Vizze, in an enchanted farmstead with a breathtaking view on Vipiteno valley and on Alto Adige mountains. The Mair Family is waiting for us. They are a “good family”, now precious for their rarity. Gino Della Porta from Kippis already anticipated this, but it was exciting to see it in person.

Three different realities, Kippis – Pretzhoff – Famiglia Cotarella, seated at the same table, with the same enthusiasm and energy, tasting the delicious dishes of Ms. Ulli, Karl Mair’s wife. It was natural then, to create a functional synergy, a new business model to increase our activities and our sales areas, but sharing a common passion: the Zalto Glasses.

The Zalto Glasses: beautiful, elegant, and able to enhance at touch, taste, sight and with their perfect transparency the experience of drinking wine. The Zalto philosophy contains the charming of who is influenced by the territory and the universe rules. The fortunate meeting between Zalto and the priest Hans Denk, influential wine expert, gave birth to a new generation glass, able to exalt aroma and taste of a wine like no other glass. A glass able to get wine and people communicate. A glass with the same measure and curves of the earth’s axis inclination, exactly as ancient Romans did, believing that these calculations will enhance the flavor of wine and food. After this magic meeting between three persons with same dreams, a new cooperation is born. Starting from 1 October 2018, The Mair Family and Kippis give to Famiglia Cotarella the possibility to tell and sale the Zalto glasses in Umbria, Lazio and Lombardia regions.

“We’re enthusiastic to start this ‘out of scheme’ cooperation with Famiglia Cotarella – says Karl Mair – and we’re sure to have found a Partner that can transmit the real value of Zalto Glasses. From the first time I took Dominga Cotarella’s hand, I felt that this project would bring moments of joy in the future. With these glasses, the priest Denk left an inheritance of great value and every wine lover can enjoy it. We represent this inheritance in Italy and we feel the responsibility, and the honor, to share it with all those people who will appreciate its shades.”

“We are deeply in love with these glasses – says Dominga Cotarella – and proud of this new cooperation model. We thank Gino and Karl for the confidence they showed, so much to make the Zalto Glass the official glass of our Scuola Intrecci – Alta Formazione di Sala, where students will follow some interesting lessons about the importance of glasses.”