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In constant relationship between giving and taking, Falesco takes care of its land to achieve the best, and the best is what it gives back to the land. Every root brings new fruit and, thanks to the passion of those who work on it, ever new roots are born.

Vitiano Bianco

Tenuta Vitiano Umbria IGP White Blend

Vitiano Rosso

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Vitiano Rosato

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Tellus Chardonnay

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Tellus for charity

It was September 9, 2018 when everything begun. It was the Fattoria Tellus inauguration day and the beginning of Cotarella Family concrete commitment in the social sphere. A dream that comes true and that comes from the minds and hearts of three women, Dominga, Marta and Enrica Cotarella: sisters, mothers and aunts.

Fattoria Tellus is a "magical" and inclusive place where every child finds its size and expresses its creativity rediscovering the right relationship with nature and the pleasure of being together, in a place to be discovered using 5 senses. A place where all children, even those less fortunate, can spend a day in a totally integrated way with their families.

Thus, the "Tellus per il Sociale" project was born in 2018, with the creation of Tellus Syrah labels drawn by children who took part in the laboratories of the educational farm. The commitment of the Cotarella family in the social field grows and it is in continuous
evolution. Fattoria Tellus becomes the official partner of the 150th anniversary of the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital and with the purchase of Tellus Syrah it will be possible to support the
Institute for transplants and childhood cancer. An even more intense path where there is no possibility of error. We are going to touch real and absolute feelings.

An important project where the "human factor" has a specific dimension: that of children. Fattoria Tellus turns into a place dedicated to all children, where time seems to have stopped and where dreams can come true.

A place based on integration, able to welcome and host families and give them the opportunity to follow their children closely by sharing a path with them.

To welcome them there will be Nonno Enos, the mascot of Fattoria Tellus. Enos is a fictional character (but not too much) born to share experiences, whose name derives from the abbreviation of the 4 cardinal points: East, North, West, South. Enos is a grandfather
who stimulates children's curiosity, teaching them to love nature and what it can offer. At the same time, children and young people have to teach Enos grandfather the use of digital technologies in a mutual and constant giving and receiving.

Cooperation agreement Famiglia Cotarella - OPBG

Tellus for charity

Tellus Cabernet Sauvignon

Tenuta Tellus Umbria IGP Red Wine

Tellus Merlot

Tenuta Tellus Umbria IGP Red Wine